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Specialty Insurance
Specialty Insurance

Specialty Insurance Coverage in Illinois by Clemens


As the name suggests, specialty insurance coverage is a type of insurance created for those items that are unique, rare, and unlike any others. As they will not fall under a regular insurance policy usually due to their unique nature or value, you will often need to provide additional insurance to have them protected against loss.


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Why should you opt for Specialty Insurance Coverage?


The major benefit that comes from using specialty insurance coverage is that you get to protect your valuable items against any damage. It can be very painful to deal with fire damage, theft, etc., especially if it’s a one of a kind item that you care for. Thankfully, specialty insurance coverage is designed to bring you an extraordinary value, without forcing your business to spend too much. 


Specialty insurance coverage will help protect your items against any damage. However, to do that, you will have to pay a customized premium. The reason why this premium will be customized is rather simple. There are no two rare/unique items with the same price, so the insurance premium value will differ from one item to the other. Thankfully, once you work with an insurance company, you will be able to identify the value of that particular item, and from there to getting the right coverage. It will be just a minor step.


Specialty Insurance Coverage can complement regular insurance policies without that much of a hassle. This insurance is unique in the fact that you can cover special items like antiques, recreational vehicles, collectibles and many others. 


Specialty insurance doesn’t just have to cover physical items; it can also cover specific situations like cyberspace liability. Also, you can find some insurance companies that will provide you with such an insurance option when you want to insure your entire inventory against theft or fire. Many things and situations that fall outside of standard insurance coverage can be protected by purchasing an additional specialty insurance policy.


Specialty Insurance Markets from Clemens Insurance


While other companies may try to insure just about any policy situation that comes in the door, Clemens Insurance is different because we choose to be experts in a few specific specialty insurance situations. Can't find yours on the list below? We would be happy to refer you to another company that specializes in providing the special insurance you need. We are here to help protect your business!


Accountants Professional Liability

Insuring legal liability of an accountant or firm from damage that results from professional services offered.


Aircraft Hull and Liability

Somewhat similar to auto insurance, aircraft hull and liability can have policies that cover an airplane while both parked and in the air.


Antique / Classic Automobile Insurance

Protect classic, high-value cars that can often be irreplaceable.


Apartment Complexes

Have your liability exposure reduced by protecting the buildings you own and rent out.



Similar to apartments, but where each unit is owned by the occupant. Protect common grounds and spaces owned by you.


Cyberspace Liability

Helps protect against loss when dealing with cyber-crime and other online liabilities.


Fire Sprinkler Insurance

Protect your assets from a fire sprinkler malfunctioning and damaging everything near it.


Outdoors Insurance

Protects businesses that offer outdoor activities from liabilities caused by the actions of their guests.


Real Estate Agents Errors / Omissions

Be protected if an agent makes a mistake on a real estate legal document.


Roofing Insurance

Covering roofing contractors from the many potential situations and liabilities that could go wrong during a project.


Don’t see your coverage above? Search over 700 additional specialty insurance markets here!


Other Common Examples of Specialty Insurance


As we listed above, there are multiple types of specialty insurance, all of which tend to differ based on various criteria.  Most of these are so common that just about anyone can access them.

  • Wedding insurance: In case there is any delay or worse if the wedding is called off. This type of insurance will also protect you in the case when your guests might have to deal with any injuries.
  • RV Insurance: This will allow you to cover your RV against vandals, liability, weather, collision, etc.
  • Pet health insurance: This will offer protection against any massive vet bills or any other pet health problem that might appear!
  • Jewelry insurance: It’s very important to have insurance like this when you rent a jewelry piece or when you want to retain its financial value.
  • Travel insurance: It can be an excellent idea to opt for travel insurance if you travel a lot. This will help protect you against trip cancellations, weather-caused delays as well as dental/medical expenses or legal costs.


It is often a very good idea to opt for special coverage if you want to protect yourself against a wide range of potential problems. Work closely with your insurance agent and figure out which Specialty Insurance Coverage package is the right fit for you and your business.


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Specialty Insurance
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